Services Offered and Pricing

Web Development Services

Hello, my name is Jarad, I am a certified PHP and SQL Developer certified by W3Schools. Trinity System Services specializes in CMS(WordPress), HTML, CSS, SQL, and PHP.

Virus Removal and PC Tune-Up Services

We offer Virus Removal Services using state-of-the-art programs to give you back your peace of mind. 

When your computer is running slow, we offer PC Tune-up Services.

Photoshop Editing Services

We offer Photoshop Editing Services for your photo editing needs.

Web Development Pricing

  •  Contact us for a consultation. 
  • Pricing also depends on features wanted on the website.

Virus Removal and Tune-Up Pricing

  •  Contact us for a consultation.
  • Severity of virus removal or tune-up determines the price.

Photoshop Editing Pricing

  •  Contact us for a consultation. 
  • Depth of edit will determine the price.
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